Luke Boulden

Commercial Team Leader

Luke is a highly accomplished professional with a wealth of expertise in the Office and Healthcare. Boasting over a decade of dedicated experience within the dynamic Gold Coast market, Luke consistently achieves outstanding results across a diverse range of asset classes. His remarkable track record reflects his prowess in securing favorable outcomes for clients spanning institutional, government, corporate, and private sectors, with a notable focus on healthcare transactions.

His specialised skills encompass a variety of intricate responsibilities, including pre-commitment leasing and the development of comprehensive leasing strategies to project delivery and strategic sales campaigns. Luke has meticulously cultivated an extensive database comprising healthcare operators, professional office users, local investors and developers in varying capacities. He has played a pivotal role in some of the Gold Coast's recent and impactful healthcare transactions, such as the 1,200sqm* Panorama Radiology Clinic in Benowa, the 640sqm* pre-committed Kieser Physiotherapy Clinic in Burleigh, and the 400sqm* Centre of Orthopaedic and Spine Surgery in addition to his dedication to the office market is evident through his impressive portfolio of successful transactions, having negotiated in excess of 2,000sqm* of office accomodation to State and Federal Goverment tenants in 2023 as well as continual A & B grade office achievements in all Gold Coast markets.

In his capacity as the Commercial Team Leader for RWC Gold Coast, Luke brings an invaluable combination of local insight, management expertise, and marketing acumen to his clients. His enduring commitment to understanding market dynamics, coupled with effective communication and a history of delivering outstanding results, establishes him as a trusted advisor.

Amidst the ever-evolving landscape of commercial real estate, Luke emerges as a steadfast advisor and a reliable partner for clients seeking expert guidance in healthcare and office leasing. His profound market knowledge, strategic approach, and unwavering dedication to delivering favorable outcomes make him an indispensable asset in any real estate endeavor. Luke's commitment to his craft and clients ensures that he remains at the forefront of the Gold Coast's thriving commercial property sector.