Stirling Mcinnes


Introducing Stirling McInnes, the latest member to join our RWC Gold Coast team as a Retail Leasing specialist. Stirling's journey into the world of commercial real estate is characterised by his passion for business, extensive educational background, and a history of sales expertise. A graduate of The Southport School (TSS), he holds a Cert III & Diploma in business, demonstrating his dedication to personal and professional growth. Stirling's versatile skill set acquired through his experience in various sales and client-facing roles, makes him a valuable asset in the industry where strong client relationships are paramount. Beyond his professional life, Stirling's commitment to community involvement is evident through his extensive charity work, including contributions to the Rosies Foundation. We believe that Stirling's academic achievements, sales acumen, and community engagement make him an ideal fit for RWC Gold Coast, bringing added value to our team and, most importantly, our clients. Join us in welcoming Stirling McInnes to the RWC Gold Coast family, and anticipate the innovative, client-focused solutions he will contribute to the commercial real estate landscape.